Can I create a searchable, digital memory?

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I have come to the realization that I am a bit of a digital hoarder. While I do believe that my memory is a bit sharper than some of my peers, I am only human and need to look things up. My Digital Hoarding Database is simply an extended version of Brandon’s old Digital Memory. When we lived together in college, he had created a list of resources on his website with useful information. I wanted to see if I could replicate that but also add a bit more functionality for finding things faster. When I previously worked at a law firm, one of my favorite takeaways came from an attorney explaining to me how they use a precedent to build future cases. He said, “there’s no way I can know or remember every case that has ever existed, I just have to know where to look.”

Version 1.0 is a bastardized, although functioning, prototype of my initial vision. It is built on top of an existing sortable plugin where I have to use some hacky CSS manipulation in order to only display the functions that I wanted to include. It is promising enough for me to continue the experiment.

Digital Hoarding Database version 1 screen capture.

Visit pseudosuede.com/dhd for the in progress version.


  1. Can I make it simpler to add and/or edit entries to the Digital Hoarding Database (DHD)?
  2. Can I highlight, within the array of DHD entries, what the user is currently typing into the search field?
  3. Change the hyperlink so that the link isn’t the only portion that takes the user to the resource.
  4. Can I write a browser extension to automatically add an item to the DHD?

Checklist Tests

I’m still investigating the possibilities.